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Dec 13 2009, 09:59 PM
Nicole entered in to the relationship knowing full well that EJ was head over heels in love with Sami. He told her so repeatedly - so it's not as though she was just unaware. Yet they moved forward when EJ very clearly settled for her after finding out she was pregnant and extending one last opportunity to Sami at the cabin to give him any indication there was hope for a future for them. And then to have Nicole proceed with all the lies and deceit just compounded the issue.
I disagree with your assessment of how the EJole relationship was developing, which I consider at a minimum incomplete, and it was certainly more complex than you describe. You're leaving out EJ's pursuit of her and Nicole's reluctance to get too deeply involved. I think the writing was actually initially very clear that EJ was moving away from Sami--as was Lucas; I seem to recall both of them essentially mocking Sami because I remember thinking it was about time they realized she wasn't worth pursuing. Had the show not decided to greenlight writing AS's pregnancy in, I think we would have gotten a very different EJole relationship. It's funny, though, that even writing in another EJami pregnancy really hasn't gotten EJami closer; Sami shut out EJ of the second pregnancy and the only voluntary one she had by him, picked out a new baby daddy and is currently as far as I can tell completely in love with that man.

I still don't see any love between EJ and Sami--not him for her and most certainly not her for him--but the way EJ's been acting Sami's welcome to him. They can scream and be obnoxious hypocrites together and I'll use my FF button liberally.

And I still think EJ being the kidnapper makes the most sense. I like the idea of Sami being behind it because it would prove she meant what she said that she would keep her child from EJ again if given the chance, but that Sami's been gone for years. Not only that, I don't think she'd have had that dream or whatever it was about Sydney.

ETA: Alligato, I guess we were sharing a brain again.
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