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Dec 13 2009, 11:01 PM
Matt - do you remember that Tab used to have the big warning "Tab contains saccarhine which causes cancer in laboratory rats" written on the side of the can?
My cousins and I still laugh at that because my maw maw used to drink the crap like it was going out of style...and it was. She didn't die of cancer, but at her funeral, we toasted her with Tab. LOL! Good times!
That shit is nasty though.

Aside from the Coke Zero, I am a big water girl!
Once those saccarhine reports came out, that was the beginning of the end of Tab. I know they reformulated it with Nutrasweet, but it wasn't the same and Coca-Cola had launched Diet Coke which pretty much replaced Tab in all of Coke's advertising towards the diet market. I remember the days when your key choices for diet soda was Tab, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Rite.
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