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Dec 13 2009, 08:13 PM
Dec 13 2009, 06:26 PM
Dec 13 2009, 03:28 PM
You know, the more I see Sami in scenes with Rafe and EJ, the more I wonder why anybody roots for her to be with anyone. I don't care how the writers try to mold the character. Sami Brady is not a rootable romantic heroine. Not in her truest form. I understand that she's "grown" and "evolved," but she's been with so many men at this point that I just don't care who she's with anymore.
Yep, agreed. It's annoying how she declares everyone as her "one true love"- and also confusing on the viewers part. When I started watching DAYS, Sami was so obsessed with Austin, so I found I was always rooting for them...then frustrated when I realized they weren't the rooting couple, at all! Anyway yeah, too many love interests at this point.

I like Sami and Lucus at this point. I think Sami and EJ are just too little too late, plus, like I said before, EJ would be lowering his standards for her. Sami's not that hot, and she has no style. I can't figure out why he'd be attracted to her. He can do better.
Gads, I hope I never hear "one true love", or "soulmate" on this show ever again. :puke:
Oh, honey, you're watching the wrong show then, lol!

I find Sami utterly unrootable as well. Hypocritical, glittery, badly dressed, uneducated, unemployed . . . I have no idea what anyone sees in her. I find all her pairings totally non-credible; there isn't a guy on the show I don't think could do better. I'm hoping the Vivian/Carly story really picks up steam soon because the Days of Sami's Life is getting unwatchable for me. It's sad, because she used to be one of my favorite characters, and for the last two years I've barely been able to stomach her.
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