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He took his name from his profession -- Trucker. Makes introductions easier. And then he hit Trisha with his truck. She was all right, maybe a little bit dazed, but she knew a tortured love when she saw one, and she fell for it, like a car spinning off a cliff. Trisha and Trucker have their problems. Some people just won't let them love each other. The biggest enemy of their love is Jeff Hartman. With rapacious Gwyneth Alden, he made it look like Trucker beat her up, so that Trisha would distrust her true love. That's how Jeff convinced her to go to Rome with him. Swooning over the fountains, giddy with the wine, Trisha allowed Jeff to woo and marry her. That's when Trucker caught up with her. Except for that first night -- the car accident -- Trisha and Trucker have had timing. Like all star-crossed lovers, they've been apart more than they've been together. While Trucker pines away in his mountain cabin, Trisha endures her loveless marriage. For now. Surely this couple will have an other opportunity to indulge their passion, but Jeff Hartman will dog them every step of the way.
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