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Halloween Family
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Dec 13 2009, 09:50 PM
I had an aunt who drank Tab religiously. I cringe at the little reminders of the fact that I'm getting old like the other day when I mentioned returning glass bottles to the grocery and getting money for them so the bottlers could refill them. All the young 20somethings I work with were like "recycling?" and I tried to explain that it was similar in concept, but the literally reused the bottles. I'm still not sure I managed to convince them that Coke bottles used to be glass, you could get the glass bottles out of a machine, and you could return the bottles for money.
Coke in glass bottles is THE BEST! I remember that time. Now when you recycle they break the glass and I guess re-melt it. You can still get Coke in glass at Costco and ethnic markets.

Sami has always been the reason why I tune in to Days. There's always been periods where she sucks, hopefully now it's just a phase. If I had my wish, Sami would be evil but right now I don't see her as a heroine. The only hero figure I see is Rafe.
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