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Going back to Friday's episode...I loved how they had Bo effected by the kidnapping and mentioned Ciara's kidnapping. Nice touch and Peter played that well. It was also nice to see Bo helping in the search and him having scenes with Sami.

So many great character interactions on Friday. There were so many characters on and I can't recall the last time we had this many on. It was great.

Loved how they explained whatever happened to John Aniston by having Victor have an accident with Ciara. I loved his scenes with Philip and Vivian. I also love what they are doing with Victor and Philip and it was great to see Viv interacting with Melanie. Loved her "hip" comment LOL.

It's so great that they've had Maggie and Carly sharing scenes. Both could use a friend. I like how awkward things were with those two and Bo and loved their interaction with Justin and love Justin being an asshole. It's like they finally went and looked back at him in the old days and took a look at his smirking this time around and decided to just let him fully embrace being an ass LOL. I love it. The way he is pissing off Bo, Carly, and even making people like Maggie feel uncomfortable is great. The ending with Carly. Daniel, and Justin was also very good and classic soap.

The Bo and Vivian scene was neat too. LS and PR rocked that.

Nadia looks fantastic with her new hairstyle. I liked the tension-filled scenes with her, Daniel, Nathan, and Melanie but Chloe sure was a cold bitch to just leave poor Nathan there like that. Loved Philip and Melanie's back and forth.

EJ vs Stefano was great (loved the "EJ put the house in his name" tidbit) and loved Stefano and Kate's scenes. I like how they are making all the suspects so suspicious. How cute was little Sydney when the phone rang? She just made the most adorable sound and perked her head up. For me, you could tell who the mystery woman who has Sydney was. The person tried to disguise their voice but even if they didn't know, it was obvious to me.

The only part of the show I hated was the Sami and EJ scenes. The way he tried to explain his plan was stupid. Why didn't he just come right out and tell Sami what he wanted her to do? It was like a whole bunch of rambling about staying in the house and crap. I just hated the way it was presented. All he had to say was "Hey, Samantha. Go be yourself and annoy my father into submission. K? Thanks!" Could've saved us some airtime LOL.
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