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Just had to respond to the "coke in glass bottles" discussion. Yes, I remember those days! My parents always let me collect the bottles and then return them for the money. Some were only 5 cents while other bottles were worth 10 cents. That was the start of recycling. Oh, and yes tab was nasty to me back in the day, but I'm a diet coke drinker now, so go figure!! To this day, if I see a coke in a glass bottle it makes my mouth water. Those were absolutely the best cokes!!!

And as for this week's days.......wasn't near as impressed as I've been in previous weeks. Did enjoy Stefano and Kate and Victor's little one liners, but the rest has me growing weary. Don't think Stefano or EJ is behind the kidnapping......to easy and too many red herrings. Not sure who I think it is though.

I have to admit, as much as I love Sami, she is wearing on my nerves these days. I'm tired of the "heroine" character tptb are trying to make her into. I understand that she's older and she needs to mature some, but she could still be a schemer. Look at Kate or Vivian. They've tried to change Sami too much and it's done damage to her character IMO.
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