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Dec 14 2009, 10:20 AM
Just had to respond to the "coke in glass bottles" discussion. Yes, I remember those days! My parents always let me collect the bottles and then return them for the money. Some were only 5 cents while other bottles were worth 10 cents. That was the start of recycling. Oh, and yes tab was nasty to me back in the day, but I'm a diet coke drinker now, so go figure!! To this day, if I see a coke in a glass bottle it makes my mouth water. Those were absolutely the best cokes!!!
You can still buy Coke (and sometimes Dr. Peppers) in the six oz glass bottles, and around here we can buy Mexican Coke in glass bottles. I've never had the Mexican version but I've been told it's still sweetened with sugar and not corn syrup. I don't drink regular Cokes at all and think all the diet Coke products are inferior; diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Rite are where it's at, but I so agree anything in a glass bottle tastes better.

The only part of the show I hated was the Sami and EJ scenes. The way he tried to explain his plan was stupid. Why didn't he just come right out and tell Sami what he wanted her to do? It was like a whole bunch of rambling about staying in the house and crap. I just hated the way it was presented. All he had to say was "Hey, Samantha. Go be yourself and annoy my father into submission. K? Thanks!" Could've saved us some airtime LOL.

Not to mention the acting was really bad in that scene. JS was just waving his hands all over the place and jumping like a cheerleader and and AS was just over the top breathlessly amazed at the sheer genius of the plan. It was just completely weirdly written, directed and acted.

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