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dc cubs
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Dec 14 2009, 05:27 AM
I'm now confused about the Bo/Hope/Carly/justin storyline. There is an interview with Crystal Chappell in the Aussie tv week. In the interview the interviewer asks if Carly has any residual feelings for Bo? she says that Carly has no romantic feelings for Bo whatsoever. Carly knows how much he loves Hope. She met him just after Hope's "death". At the time, he told her he didn't want to live anymore. She understands that he only loves Hope - and will always lover her. She has no intention of going after Bo. She's very comfortable just being his friend.

I already assumed this was the case. If they are going to play Bo and Carly as just friends then that's great because I like them as just friends but I'm confused as to where this storyline is going? It sort of all makes sense but it's a bit confusing. I'm thinking that they are no definately going with a Carly and Dan pairing and they will be getting Bo and Hope back together at some point. I just wish the writers would make it clear what direction they are going in with this storyline. It's just all so confusing. I guess they were telling the truth when they said Carly wasn't an interloper and going to come between Bo and Hope which I'm happy about because Carly is a good character and doesn't deserve to be another Billie.
A possible scenario for this could be that Carly does not go after Bo. However, Hope and Bo are having their own serious problems right now. Hope doesn't trust Carly and is digging around for info on her. I think the Brady marriage is going to fall apart due to Bope's own struggles and not because of Carly. I'm not saying her being there didn't make things worse but it wasn't the sole reason.

Bope breaks up and then Bo and Carly slowly get back together. I have been a fan of both pairings so I'm not trying to start any fan base wars here. This is just a possible way things could play out.
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