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I had an aunt who drank Tab religiously. I cringe at the little reminders of the fact that I'm getting old like the other day when I mentioned returning glass bottles to the grocery and getting money for them so the bottlers could refill them. All the young 20somethings I work with were like "recycling?" and I tried to explain that it was similar in concept, but the literally reused the bottles. I'm still not sure I managed to convince them that Coke bottles used to be glass, you could get the glass bottles out of a machine, and you could return the bottles for money.
They reused the bottles? How long ago was this? Not that I'm doubting you, btw. This is just something I don't remember, probably due to age.
I know they were still doing this at least as late as the early 1980s. Growing up, whatever soda we had in the house was either 2 Litres or cartons of soda in glass bottles. Everybody had a bottle opener in their kitchen. You always saved the glass bottles and took them back to the store where you turned them in for a deposit. The store would collect the bottles and send them back to the bottler where they would wash and sterilize them and refill & recap them. Considering today's trend of "reduce, reuse, recycle" I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been a movement to go back to glass bottles.
Okay, I was born around that time, so no wonder I've never heard of this. Thanks.

We never get coke in glass bottles around here, but I've always wanted to try it, since it's supposed to taste better in bottles. Plus the bottled stuff is usually corn syrup free.
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