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Dec 14 2009, 01:56 PM
Lindsay Hartley sounds sick today.

Why is Arianna the only person we ever see working on this show?
Well, we do see Daniel, Melanie, Stephanie, and Nathan at the hospital all the time.

Then there is EJ, Stefano, Victor, Brady, and Philip who all seem to do most of their corporate business from their homes. Same with Justin, who seems based out of Victor's house.

LH did seem a bit under the weather today. I liked her scenes with Gabi and Rafe. I like that we got a break from Gabi after she burst on the scene.

The Sami/EJ scenes at the beginning continued to annoy me just like they did at the end of Friday. The writing and acting was a mess on Friday and today in those scenes. What were JS and AS doing? James had this annoying smile and he was just moving around all strange and Ali was way over the top. Both of them were dreadful and it seemed like whoever wrote the scene had no idea how to get what they wanted to across. Once Rafe showed up, it got better but not because of him. It was because whoever was writing seemed to wake up LOL. I did like the Sami/Stefano scenes with Rafe and EJ listening in. They are doing a good job keeping Stefano suspicious.

Loved Stefano vs Bo and I continue to enjoy how they are tying to back to Ciara's kidnapping for Bo. Stefano's mentioning of that was a nice touch.

I enjoyed the Nicole/Chloe scenes and how Chloe seemed to soften toward her as the episode wore on. At the start, you could tell she did not want to be there. I did like how they had Nicole explain how things came about with her and EJ and how things seemed to arrive at this point. Nice cliffhanger with Nicole remembering Sydney was taken by a woman and I loved the mystery woman scenes with her singing lullabies. Classic JER kind of stuff with that. Little Sydney is so cute and talented LOL. I just loved when the woman told her they would be spending alot of time together and Sydney just went "Yep." At least that is what it sounded like she said LOL. Looks like Sydney is happier to be with the kidnapper :laugh: .

I enjoyed Carly vs Justin again and the Daniel and Justin scene. I love Justin like this. I saw some chemistry there with CC and SC. Not sure about them as a potential pairing but I do think something could be there. Good Bo and Justin scene and Bo and Carly scene at the end too.

Not too bad for a Monday episode. And KA looked very good in the previews for tomorrow with her hair pulled back and that white sweater.

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