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Dec 14 2009, 02:23 PM
Dec 14 2009, 02:11 PM
Well, we do see Daniel, Melanie, Stephanie, and Nathan at the hospital all the time.
We rarely see them working though, LoL. Stephanie and Nathan might be shown at the hospital quite often, but giving each other horny eyes in the lobby 24/7 is hardly what I would call work. I do give the show credit for trying to attempt the look of "work" though. I just wish we saw the characters in action a little more.

As for the characters who run their businesses from home, that's lazy. That's the show's way of saying "these people are multi-millionaires but we're too busy to build a work set and show how they actually earn the big bucks." What ever happened to Titan? With all the plotting and the scheming and the fighting that these people do in their living rooms, does anyone actually believe that they find the time to focus on work and making a living?
I agree with you on Titan. They had that small Titan lobby set being used alot a year ago. Why not pull that out? I know they used pieces of it for the hospital but they can just create a new one. I know they have to stay within budget but, to me, a small Titan set would not hurt. I don't expect to see a Dimera work set because when have they ever had one? LOL.

However, in regards to the hospital, when have we ever seen them in action? You only see characters at work in hospitals when a character is sick or injured.
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