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Dec 14 2009, 02:46 PM
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You know how much I love Ejami. I would rather see Lumi as the endgame than Safe. I despised them to begin with, now I will never watch them.
At least Lumi had a story.....Safe has nothing.....but why is everyone taking what GG said as gospel? Is it any different than BD saying that "you never know with Lumi" or "pretty soon he'll storm in punch Ej and Rafe and claim his woman!" that is sort of the same than James saying, "Watch this space" or "the best is yet to come"....they all do this....it's keeping us all watching and hoping and waiting...in the end they need us all to tune in...and the only ones they appear to have really lost lately is Lumi because they aren't even writing Lucas in let alone Lumi...so hopefully maybe pretty soon Lumi's will get some scenes....it's been since late September...the last Lumi scene that is.....
What GG said is different - he actually said that Safe IS the endgame and "we'd better get used to it and calm down". His exact words.

James and BD hint at possibilities, don't come out and right out say it. Sure James says "watch this space" - it's like saying watch the show. I don't believe that he ever said that Ejami is the endgame. He said that there will be a payoff, but not that it's the endgame. And that could just mean another love scene like the one in May of 2008.
James has come right out and said some things. He said something about it being obvious that that's where the writing is going, and all his inevitable talk. It's not exactly the same as endgame, but it's more than hinting.
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