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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Why do they bring up the Hernandez mom all the time? Ugh. I hope she never shows up in Salem except possibly to lasso in her brood and take them back to Hernandezland or have some crisis that causes them all to leave Salem so they're off our screens. The two Hernandez girls annoy me even when it appears their only purpose in an episode is to discuss the possibility of EJ and Sami getting back together after Sydney is found. I can only imagine how much more annoying these two are to everyone else who doesn't give a crap about Ejami! "That reminds me... I have to go check on Sami." :eyeroll: What is he afraid of? She'll stick a fork in a light socket if he isn't there to stop her? Get in to the cleaning closet and drink something toxic? Set the townhouse on fire by playing with the stove? And how the hell can he open the door and jump right in the conversation... unless he had his ear up to the door and was spying on EJ and Sami? EVERYTHING about the writing for this character is fucking obnoxious. UGH and then Luis and Paloma are in the trivia, too? :puke:

Nice to see Bo and Stefano together even if it is just another dose of Brady sanctimony vs. DiMera condescension. PR and JM always have good chem. Much better adversaries than JT's Roman and Stefano at this point, really. What's with Stefano and the black leather jacket though? That doesn't really seem his style. Did the wardrobe department get some kind of discount at Wilsons Leather to outfit everyone like they're in a DOOL motorcycle gang?

LoL at their big plan for Sami to wear the wire and them being able to acquire the wire and get everything set up without any trouble. Hey, maybe Rafe got fired from the FBI for stealing equipment? :lol: Can't help it but I always enjoy Sami-Stefano confrontations. "I want her back too, you idiot!" Stefano is so :lol: And I enjoy Sami actually giving a damn at how what Stefano did hurt EJ and throwing that in Stefano's face the same way Stefano brings up what Sami did to him. :wub: Both of them insulting each other at how big their broods are is pretty great too.

Damn you Crystal Chappell! You made me enjoy a Dan scene and you're the first person whose chem I enjoyed with SC since the brief moments Lexie used to have with Daniel back in the day. I know everyone else hates the possibility, but at this point, I can deal with Carly having shared a secret spawn with Daniel if he's the daddy.

Looks like Justin is still a douche today. I really don't get what they are supposed to be accomplishing with this character with his Bo-Carly cockblocking masquerading as Bo and Hope cheerleading. If they were supposed to have been such good friends before that Carly thought to turn to him for help after she killed Lawrence I just don't get him going off on her like this? Unless we're supposed to draw some connection between his grief over his own marriage to Adrienne breaking up and not wanting that to happen to Bo and Hope? But if that's the case they need to paint that picture a little more clearly and have Justin come out and say it.

Chloe and Nicole's talk was good. LOL at Chloe forgiving her and taking her back so easily. She's such a chump. But it was nice for Nicole to have someone to get all that out with. I'm also glad they brought up how much of Nicole's relationship with EJ was about her being in competition with Sami more so than her actual interest in EJ. That's pretty much what I got out of it too so it annoyed me the last couple months hearing her claim all the time to justify everything she did in the Sydney revelations that the only reason she did what she did with the baby swap was out of love for EJ. A few "my baby" slips here and there, but she seems to be coming to her senses a little bit more in the slammer.

Still enjoying mystery woman and my little doses of Sydney.
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