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The kidnapper has really pretty hands. They need to reveal her soon because it's getting too creepy having her whisper all that crazy shit. I think they are going for The Hand that Rocks the Craddle but it's not working.

Lindsay looks really nice with her french braids. It makes me wish Chloe would braid her hair once in a blue moon, it would be nice to see Chloe looking more casual. Yes, LH sounds sick. Hopefully, Galen will catch it and he'll get his sexy subdued voice again.

Ejami sucked today. They sounded like Jughead and Veronica plotting about the big dance. And that was their big bright idea? To have Sami annoy Stefano to death? Stupid. Also, they need to tone down the WTF looks.

Carly looked pretty except for her moldy lipstick. Dan and Car had good collegue chemistry but I do not want to see Dr. Dan messing up Carly!!!! The hostility between Justin and Carly is good but that's another pairing I hope they are not going to go thru with.

Bo in cop mode sucks. Loved the interaction between Bo and Justin, though. A real man vs. the little bitch.

Nadia did well in the scenes with Nicole when she said "I miss you", it was a nice tender moment between Nicole and Chloe. Nicole's wig continues to make me itchy, throw that thing away and while they're at it throw those blasted Bumpits away too. It was a nice touch having nicole's nail polish be chipped.
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