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I'm happy I actually get to watch an episode in the same day! My thoughts:
1. Gabi and Arianna....meh
2. Now that you guys mention it, the EJ/Sami plan did seem right out of the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew or Scooby-Doo. Something just isn't clicking with those people. The whole "search" involving them is blah.
3. Chloe and Nicole were super. The juxtaposition between Nicole's revelation of "the taker as a woman" and the voice was pretty cool.
4. I am SO freaking disappointed in Justin right now, it's not even funny. But, yeah, I liked Carly with Daniel. She's actually his age!
5. Bo and Stephano were great. Stephano and Sami together....not so much. I just can't muster up much like for Sami anymore, even at her "best".
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