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Viewing Single Post From: Spoiler tweet from Soaptown USA 12/14
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Dec 14 2009, 06:15 PM
LOL I can just see it now.

Sami: Your honor, Nicole needs to rot her ass in jail because she had the audacity to lie about her baby to the baby's father and deceive all of her family and friends....
Rafe (interrupting): uh...Sami, maybe you should sit down sweetheart.
Sami (red faced): good idea.

Mia: Your honor, Nicole needs to rot her ass in jail because she had the audacity to lie about her baby to the baby's daddy and not tell him the truth...
Chad Peterson Woods: uh...Mia, maybe you should sit down.
Mia (confused): okay.
EJ: Your honor, I think Nicole needs to rot in jail because she lied to the man she loved and lied to him about her intentions all of the insane notion of keeping her family together and the person she loved
Sami: EJ, shut the fuck up and sit your ass down.
EJ: sure Sami, just don't be mad at me.

Hopefully Brady will say something! :)

Will miss you Nicole! Hurry back soon!
Thanks OBK! Your spoilers are always welcome!

Can't agree with the bolded part, Rafe has never been able to tell Sami what to do. How many times did he ask her to put the past in the past, and how many times did she through it back in his face. It's just a ticking time bomb til she asks him again, this time though he might tell her, if he didn't kill Emily, which I don't believe for one minute or one second that he did, he's already been punished for what he did do by Meridith. And all other times, he gives into her...

it would be more like ....

Rafe: (gently says) maybe you should sit down... (he wouldn't call her sweetheart, he's never called her by a pet name, unless you include.... nurse nightingale, betty crocker, or smoking hot pain in the ass.... now EJ called her sweetheart (or was it darling) & and I don't think Rafe would be that bold... )

Sami: Agent Sh!, this is something I going to say, no matter what anyone thinks, this is my daughter and I'm not letting that bitch get away with this.... yada yada yada....blah blah blah.... yada yada yada ... (she tends to ramble and goes on and on never letting anyone get a word in edgewise, because if she knew how to shut up Stefano would have told her the baby was hers in the hospital)

Rafe: Umm.... ah....umm (trying to get a word in, finally he quits and waits his turn to talk) Okay, alright...

Everything else makes sense but at the end EJ is on the phone... "I will give you further instructions soon..." We don't know who he is talking too, but it sounds kind of shady....

You said it's a court appointed lawyer, but doesn't next weeks spoilers say Brady tries or gets Nicole a better attorney...
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