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Dec 14 2009, 07:34 PM
I'd kill for someone to do a video montage of EJ waving his hands set to "Flight of the Bumble Bee".
Matt - you are on a roll today! I am cracking up at every post!

I like Shawn Christian, so seeing him with Carly makes me happy. He looked genuinly happy and so did she. Yes, I saw sparks. SC looks like he could go up against CC, and I think the only time Danloe works is when they are having hot sex. It would also be great to see Chloe get a little bit of her own crap with Daniel wanting Carly but promised to Chloe. See how it feels, hooch!
It does make Daniel seem like a serial dater. At least not a pedophile! :)

EJ and Sami sucked! Big ass! Their plan sounded so stupid, and they couldn't sell it. So friggin over the top and fake...it was kind of hard to watch. Supposedly, those two can do so much better and I keep waiting to see them mesh again, and so far, they are awful. And LOL about Sami annoying Stefano to death. Why would he admit anything to her even in his anger? Stupid!

It was nice to see Chloe and Nicole. For some reason, I thought their meeting was going to go really bad like Chloe was going to treat her like shit and walk off...surprisingly, it was nice. NB does good work opposite AZ and I think it is because she is more natural. I can't wait for that wig to go away though...reminds me of Chelsea. Hated her hair too.

Oh Justin. You just piss me off. What is your deal, dude?
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