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Okay. Here's my problem with Justin. I feel like I could get behind him trying to save Bo and Hope's marriage if he wasn't having his own marital problems with Adrienne. If he and Hope were seriously developing a genuine friendship with no thoughts of anything romantic coming about, I could be okay with Justin's current position, being the poster child for Bo and Hope. However, that's not the case. Justin is facing marital problems of his own and has shared scenes with Hope that indicates there are feelings there. Even Carly pointed it out. So as a result, Justin just seems like an annoying pest in all of this, who's intentions aren't clear. If things are what they seem and Justin does have a thing for Hope, you would think that he wouldn't be doing things to keep their marriage safe. I'm not asking for Justin to start scheming to break up Bo and Hope. Just have him step back and watch the marriage crumble, and be there to support Hope afterwards.

Here is how I think the story should've gone and go in the future. Like I said above, if the original plan was to have Justin be a supporter for Bo and Hope and be against Carly, accusing her of trying to break them up, then Justin and Adrienne should've still been happily married. That way, a genuine friendship could develop between Justin and Hope, something we don't see on soaps nowadays. There should've been no indications that Justin has feelings for Hope, including the accusations from Bo and Carly, not yet at least. Then as Bo and Hope are dealing with their own marital problems, you have Carly in Salem and Justin would be rightfully doing something for his friend, Hope, and that's trying to keep things from going bad for her. Meanwhile, all of the time he's spending in Salem starts to put a strain on his own marriage and he faces marital problems with Adrienne. At this point, you have a real friendship between Justin and Hope fully developed after months of living together, platonically, and the two are dealing with the same marital problems. Feeling the need for what's missing in their lives, a romantic partner, their friendly feelings would be turn romantic and we could actually have a genuine pairing develop with no foul-play. It would be natural and unforced, unlike what's starting to happen now.

Anyway, I'm still not seeing the chemitry between Shawn Christian and Crystall Chappell that I wanted, but it seems like others do, and I'm usually late to the sensing of chemistry between two actors. I'm just now starting to accept Philip and Melanie. And it took me months to see anything between Daniel and Chloe.

I like the decorated DiMera mansion, but I have to ask. Where is the tree? I noticed some little dinky tree in the back, and it looked like it was sitting on the piano. I know that's not the DiMera mansion's Christmas tree. What happened to that massive tree that used to sit in the back right of the main room? It looked great!

Sami, EJ and Rafe annoyed me today, but at least Sami's slightly back to what she's best at and that's decieving others, this time it being Stefano.

The kidnapper scenes are definitely starting to get a little creepy. And I don't think that's what's intended. I'd rather not see them everyday because it's starting to become a bit much.
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