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Great interview! Very comprehensive.

I loved hearing her thoughts on JER, her life after Days, CC, the crappy exit she and Drake got, who she is still seeing from Days after her exit 9I figured she still saw Martha as they are friends on Twitter), and hearing her thoughts on past stories.


TVG: [Joking] Or you’d have to kill me![Laughs] If he were still alive, how do you think James would feel about Marlena not being on DAYS anymore?
DH: You know … I don’t know. I don’t have a comment on that one.

I felt was interesting. It sounded like that could be her knowing JER was so unpredictable that she wasn't sure or it could be simply not wanting to speak for him or it could be something more. I couldn't help but feel there was more behind that answer.

I can sense the tension over the exit. I really can. I can't blame her if there is tension. I do like how happy she is that Days is doing well and that she believes in being a team player and that pay cuts are necessary.

The only thing I question is...why her for entertainer of the decade? I can't remember but was this a fan vote? Marlena pretty much only had the SSK story and John's death as far as major stories go so I'm not really sure if she works as someone who made a huge impact this decade when compared to others. I mean, in the 90's she would win hands down but the 200o? Not sure about that as she spent more time on the backburner then she did on the frontburner. That reminds me...loved the mention of years of overspending at Days and how Corday's mismanagement is what led to her lack of airtime.
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