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Dec 15 2009, 03:19 AM
Dec 15 2009, 03:14 AM
The Alex North comments were hilarious, though, I don't get why she speaks so highly of JER. He was good to her character - at times - but I also think he nearly ruined the show!
JER's writing was pretty unspectacular after he left Days in 1998, but he wrote John and Marlena like a poet in the 90's. As much as I loathed his work on Passions and most of his work on Days from 2004 - 2005 (or '06?), I will always give him praise for writing the stories that got me hooked on the show in he first place. My guess is Deidre probably feels the same way. She knows the man wasn't without his flaws, but she also knows that he was a fearless visionary who always loved writing for the character of Marlena. He gave her some of her most memorable stories.
I completely agree with you here, his stories were what got me started too. But with that said, I think he royally fucked up her character on his second run. I understand from an actors POV why you would say the Salem Stalker was one of your highlights, but in terms of character development? It was awful. And they kept going and going with Marlena - first, the island and then that ridiculous bullshit of being chained to a bed with Roman! WHY in the hell JER went back to Roman and Marlena - plus the subsequent pregnancy BS - is beyond me. Which lead into the AWFUL Alex North story...it was the worst 3 years EVER, and JER had no clear idea of what to do with her character.

And, again, I understand her having respect for him because a) he's dead and b) he was good to her in terms of story and screen time, but I think she could be honest about it.

Does she get along with Susan Lucci? Just curious...
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