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I'm so glad she was named entertainer of the decade and I can see why she would be named that. Who would've ever thought Deidre Hall would be fired from DAYS? Remember the outrage it caused when word broke? People really began to remember how much of DAYS revolved around Marlena, whether she had a lot do this decade or not. Marlena was the central character of the show if she was involved in front-burner storylines or not. To this day, nearly a whole year later, I still can't believe she's gone. Salem hasn't been the same without her.

TVG: Did you ever think you’d be toiling in soaps for over three decades?
DH: No, not really. But it was a great gig while it lasted. I never saw it coming … as long-lived as it was. When I was hired, I was brought in to bridge the exit of the two Lauras. They needed a blond psychiatrist in the interim. Marlena was never expected to be a long-term character so I had no idea she and I would prosper for so long in Salem.
I never thought of Marlena being Laura's replacement. I guess that's what she was and the show needed someone in that psychiatrist role for Mickey. Interesting. I bet no one ever though back in 1976 that Dr. Marlena Evans would become the face of DAYS.

I still would love to know what the original plans were for the Salem Serial Killer storyline. What was originally supposed to be revealed that made Marlena snap and kill off all of her friends like that?
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