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Dec 13 2009, 11:10 PM
EJ and Nicole were ruined for the sake of plot. IMO, they are a much better fit, in theory, for this whole 'bad ass supercouple' thing I have in mind versus Ej and Sami. But even with Ejole, when they were together, it was the same as any other couple...the emotion, the drama etc. Both schemers, yet never an opportunity to scheme together...

It's really too bad, EJ and Nicole had a ton of potential.
I think Ej and Nicole have a lot of potential, I don't think they are finished though. I do think that with time and a bit of reflection Ej will realize what Nicole did and how it in fact helped him know his daughter, raise her for the first 6 months and she was able to connect with him. While Sami was convinced on keeping her from him at every expense. I really believe when Ej realizes that Brady loves Nicole, he'll be mad and jealous. I liked Nicole with Ej because she was as bad as he was....and she accepted him for who he is without wanting him to change on her account. Nicole was the perfect mob wife, devoted to her husband.

If you ask me....I still think this is all going to be a bad nightmare that Nicole will wake up from when AZ comes back from maternity leave. Notice how this entire story has been all about Nicole's feelings, how she miscarried, how she felt after and why she did the switch...how we haven't seen Sydney bond with Sami...isn't that weird? Why not keep the kid around after Sami found out she was her daughter...keep her around for the holidays and then let Nicole take her the week after xmas....no...why? I think when AZ gets back we will see a scene with Nicole waking up in bed...the camera pans over and we see Sydney in her playpen and Ej hovering her....Nicole then tells Ej she just had the worse dream.....that she did all these awful things...and Ej comes in for a kiss and tells her..."ah..you would never do that".....we later learn that Grace was Sami's child and she did die of meningitis...and Mia gave Baker her kid and he sold it in the blackmarket.....baby switch done...enter the new storyline Brady/Arianna/EJ/Nicole....in her dream Nicole did admit to loving Brady and Brady to loving her...this has just been too weird...to anti-climatic and frankly not about EJ and Sami's baby at all but about Nicole's feelings, wants and needs.....
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