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Don't get the wrong idea -- we do not endores this exhausted plot device. But in 1989, GENERAL HOSPITAL introduced a refreshing angle in the case of Felicia Jones. She lsot her memory after being run over by a motorcycle. When she regained consciousness, she thought she was a woman named Phoebe Dawson, flake extraordinaire. Felicia appropriated Phoebe's eclectic collection of costumes and wigs and took to the high road with con artist Decker Moss. One night, Felicia looked like a biker dolly in black leather and studs. The next night, she resembled a refugee from Cyndi Lauper's closet. "Phoebe" gleefully cheated at cards, avoided paying hotel bills and even became a pickpocket. The story was a welcome change of pace for a charcater who is always so moral.

What made the sorjourn down Can't Remember Lane stand out is it was upbeat, fun -- and mercifully brief.
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