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On paper, goofy "entrepreneur" Sean and Gothic Meghan hardly seemed a potential match. But as this unlikely coupling started playing out, we realized just how much they shared: a keen eye for fun, a hearty sense of humor and, most importantly, an acceptance that they each march to the beat of a different drummer. Let's not forget how they hooked up. Sean, creator of the condiment "Smoothaise", noticed Meghan not for her looks, but for her "smart cookies". Later, he gave her a skull necklace (the first time anyone gave her jewelry not meant for her nose, tongue or navel, she noted). And their conversations are always peppered with zingy one-liners (she comments on his nose; he on her job as a phone-sex operator). But beneath the sarcasm lies a real love, as evidenced when Meghan helped Sean through his health crisis. What's in the stars for this budding Ron Popeil and his Wiccan woman? We couldn't even begin to guess. But so far, it's been nothing short of magical.
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