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In the slick campfest that is PASSIONS, it was only a matter of time before the show tackled that great soap tradition: the all-encompassing disaster that forces everyone into life-or-death situations ripe for confessions of love, spilled secrets and unlikely bonding. Thanks to a possessed pendant (an homage to Titanic's Heart of the Ocean?), orange-eyed, demon-voiced, lightning-spewing "Evil" Charity made her debut and promptly brewed up a perfect storm, dooming the prom boat. Who could forget Theresa bobbing in the frigid water, gasping for breath so she could talk to herself? Or Whitney's seeming willingness to die rather than be helped by the boy who irked her? Or a jealous Gwen's decision to confront Ethan while the boat broke into pieces? Of course, storylines were advanced (as much as they ever are on this show), and the effects were impressive. But the bottom line is that grand spectacles like this - and the recent mine shaft troubles - are what PASSIONS is all about.
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