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Dec 15 2009, 09:20 PM


We're joking, of course, by calling Lily and Simon's island adventure a remote. Yes, the whole thing had to be done in ATWT's Brooklyn studio. Yes, the castaway story was the only way to develop the Lily/Simon relationship while letting Rose wreak havoc in Oakdale. And yes, talented and engaging performers Martha Byrne and Paul Leyden did their best to rise above the, uh, location. But that's still no excuse for this sandtrap of a plot point, which included parachute bikinis, fishing spears, makeshift rafts and everything else short of the tribal council tiki torches. Add the ham and cheese factor of two over-the-top stranded psychos (Celia and Cooley), and there were enough clichés to make Gervase blush. Which forces us to resort to our own cliché: This island story should have been voted off the show long before it actually ended.

(Screw SOD, this was one of my favorite ATWT storylines ever!)
Really? Never seen it. But it sure does sound completely horrible LOL
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