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Breakups are a dime a dozen on soaps, but it was Rick and Abby's obvious reluctance to call it quits that made their split so poignant. The Bauers were still very much in love when Abby bid good-bye, leaving Rick sobbing on the kitchen floor. Their terse arguments (he wanted kids, she didn't) and Rick's impassioned pleas to save their marriage were heartbreaking and realistic because the matter at hand seemed to have no obvious resolution. And the breakup was related directly to their respective histories: Rick had his hopes raised and dashed before (Meredith's baby and Blake's son, Kevin), but when Amish-raised Abby regained her hearing, a new world opened up - that didn't include children. In the end, for Rick and Abby, love didn't conquer all. It's hard to watch a marriage sour, but it's wrenching to see a husband and wife in love who realize that it wasn't meant to be.
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