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Remember Franco Kelly? No? Well, then you must have started watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES after September, 1998, when the Italian stallion was murdered by Lucas before he could marry Sami, who was framed for the crime. In the spring of 1999, Sami was nearly executed, but spared at the last minute. Story over? Nope. During the summer of 2000, Sami and Brandon traveled to Naples, Italy to get the evidence they needed to pin the killing on Lucas. Victor, Kate and Lucas tried to stop them by drugging and gaslighting Sami. In between awful accents, a dopey disguise (Lucas - yikes!) and silly plot twists (hello, the Will doll), Brandon and Sami embarked on a lukewarm romance that went nowhere. Sure, murder cases can take years to solve, but in Salem, where reality is not a priority, it's time to end this drawn-out whodunit. And hey, what was the name of the guy who died?
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