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It's always sad when a woman is struck down in her prime, but Macy's demise was all the more tragic because she died with a broken heart. Since 1989, we've been rooting for this spunky heroine, cheering when she beat cancer and the bottle. But lasting love was elusive, and we suffered with Macy each time she and Thorne were torn asunder. When the couple re-wed, Macy believed that the third time was the charm. However, it soon became clear that Thorne was still head over heels for Brooke. A devastated Macy fell off the wagon as she tried to salvage her marriage. She ended up regaining her dignity, letting Thorne go and planning to enter rehab. But a run-in with Brooke resulted in Macy getting into a car wreck, with her rival as the passenger. Then came the tragic twist: When Thorne arrived, selfless Macy insisted that he tend to an injured Brooke first. Macy was left trapped in the car, which exploded. Sweet, kind Macy deserved the best, but got the shaft, dying with her romantic dream unfulfilled. No wonder everyone sobbed at her funeral, including dueling dowagers Sally and Stephanie, who grieved in each other's arms. It just wasn't fair.
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