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GENERAL HOSPITAL, by and large, is not a show that indulges in disbelief-suspension storylines. Which is why, perhaps, viewers felt at a loss when they found themselves facing two such fantastical tales this year: Chloe's psychic dreams and Lucky's brainwashing.

Let's first review the Chloe yarn. Helena runs down Chloe (thinking that she's Alexis), rendering Chloe blind. Chloe then develops a brain tumor, and discovers that she's able to see through Helena's eyes via dreams. While in theory, this fable had potential (Helena essentially causing her own undoing), it quickly became cartoonish and dragged-out. Save for the time Helena (clad in Catwomanly garb, no less) tried to kill Chloe, Mrs. C did little more than lurk after her "prey". And let's not forget the convoluted medical plot points that alternately had Chloe fearing for her survival, then barely mentioning her life-threatening malady.

As for Helena's masterminding of Lucky's brainwashing, that, too, appeared initially to have promise. What better revenge against long-time enemies Luke and Laura than to cause them to lose their son twice - first by "killing" him, then returning him alive, but hateful and changed. What should have become a struggle for Lucky's soul between his controller, Helena, and his parents, however, morphed into a silly story that had Helena more focused on using Lucky to get her grandson a girlfriend than unleashing her wrath.

These days, Lucky has moved into a more grounded story, but Chloe remains entrenched in her Eyes of Laura Mars-esque tale. Let's just hope GH sees clear to focus on a return to reality across the board...lest viewers start looking elsewhere for their afternoon entertainment.
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