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dc cubs
Dec 15 2009, 07:47 PM
I agree that the covers for both SOD and SOW are so bad compared to what they used to be. The mags had photo shoots for each cover but now due to budgets they use stock photos of actors. I remember that Roman/Diana cover and wondering WTF happened as they never did get married.

I'm sure it is only a matter of time before SOD and SOW merge into one soap magazine. With the cancellation of ATWT there will not be enough content to keep two magazines afloat. My guess is the SOD name will outlast SOW as it has been around longer and has the larger circulation base.
I'm shocked it hasn't happened already. Both mags have survived on their own much longer then I thought after the early 2000's which saw the end of most soap mags. I always figured one day they would consolidate under the SOD name. I do think it will happen soon.

I also remember the Roman/Diana cover. That was very strange. I've never read much on what happened with that either as far as why they never married. Obviously, the story changed but I wonder why?
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