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Dec 16 2009, 12:16 AM
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Dec 15 2009, 07:47 PM
I agree that the covers for both SOD and SOW are so bad compared to what they used to be. The mags had photo shoots for each cover but now due to budgets they use stock photos of actors. I remember that Roman/Diana cover and wondering WTF happened as they never did get married.

I'm sure it is only a matter of time before SOD and SOW merge into one soap magazine. With the cancellation of ATWT there will not be enough content to keep two magazines afloat. My guess is the SOD name will outlast SOW as it has been around longer and has the larger circulation base.
I'm amazed those individual network magazines still survive.
I think with ATWT gone next year we will see the end of the CBS one. Perhaps that will also mean the end of the ABC one too as maybe they may not want to only keep one of them around as the NBC one's been gone for a long time now.
When was there an NBC one? They've only ever had 2 soaps at a time, so just curious (wasn't it Another World/Days and then Passions/Days?).

Who publishes the "in-depth" editions? It's not inter-link, I don't think...or is it?? Either way, I can't see the CBS one lasting with only 2 soaps at 1.5 hrs. ABC will go on, I don't forsee them becoming a two soap network anytime in the next year or so.
The NBC one had Sunset Beach, Another World, and Days and then I think it covered Passions until Sunset got cancelled. Once NBC dropped to two soaps, the NBC one ended. That is why the CBS one will most likely end. The reason why I think the ABC one might is that the publisher may not want to bother with just one network. I have no idea who owns them though.

I do think SOD and SOW had the same publisher at one point but I want to say that one of them got a new publisher at some point recently. I do think your right in that they will consolidate sometime in the next two years and maybe become half primetime dramas/soaps and half daytime soaps. That's been something that has been coming or years and I'm shocked it hasn't occurred already.
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