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For a long time, DAYS OF OUR LIVES suffered the effects of head-writer roulette: After James E. Reilly's highly touted reign ended in 1997, the show was unfocused. Sally Sussman-Morina and Lorraine Broderick tried to pick up the pieces, but couldn't. In fact, Broderick lasted a mere two months before Executive Producer Tom Langan assumed the post of head scribe in September of '99.

Well, Langan, who previously toiled at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, must have learned a lot from soap master William J. Bell because DAYS has made a remarkable turnaround. Langan's first order of business: Concentrate on basics, especially families. To that end, he brought back fan favorites like John Aniston (Victor), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), and most recently, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), which helped repair fractured clans. He reunited couples who had been apart far too long (Bo and Hope, John and Marlena), moved others (like Abe and Lexie) to the front-burner and created realistic problems for all. And he successfully wove Generation Next, who had been woefully under-represented, into Salem society.

At the same time, Langan didn't completely abandon the wacky plots that DAYS fans are used to. (Hattie worked; Virtual Reality didn't.) He streamlined the show by cutting out annoying plot recap and abolished the lazy-writer habit of incorporating frequent flashbacks. After all that, he crafted a tale that touched nearly everyone in town: John fathering Hope's baby. The repercussions have - and will - provide storyline for a long time.

If these are the changes that Langan, Executive Producer Ken Corday and Co. have made in merely a year, the future looks very bright in Salem, indeed.

(This is such a crock. Langan was one of the worst head writers DAYS ever had, and his tenure was the first time I was ever bored with the show. Then again, the fact that they named it Most Improved for the same year that gave us Virtual Garden of Crap pretty much says it all.)
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