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It is impossible to be disappointed without having first had high expectations. On the surface, ONE LIFE TO LIVE has it all: beautiful sets, stylish costumes and (as we've stated previously) the most game group of actors in daytime. But this year, ONE LIFE has been all enthusiasm and no follow-through. Stories last past their expiration date (Matthew's paternity, Max's sham Buchanan-hood, who is Rae's child), have haphazard twists with no ripple effect (Will's on the run - no, wait, he's in a rock band - no, wait, he's in Ireland - no, wait, he's home free), or occasionally succeed thanks to a combination of ad-libbing (we can't believe Todd's lines are written that way) and pitch-perfect honing-in on character (that Catherine Hickland hasn't drowned in Lindsay's nonsensical character is a tribute to the actress's adaptive talents). It's as if the powers-that-be took a handful of story ideas from a hat and threw them at a wall. What stuck, played out. What fell to the floor was saved for another go-round.

It's hard not to be frustrated. Some actors rise above their material, and other times the writing positively glows. But there's also dead weight and missing opportunities. Remember OLTL's controversial social issues? Remember fully realized characters whose lives intertwined with more than two or three select others? OLTL remains a show well worth watching, but better to take stock now than wait until it's too late to make a difference.
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