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Her choice - as the billboards, magazine ads and commercials said for months - changed everything. For the better, we would add. CREEK, which had been so stagnant in its sophomore season - relying on out-of-character, plot-driven decisions to explain the see-sawing emotions of the core teens while also splintering them into disjointed storylines - went back to the basics. Above all, the brilliantly conceived, realistic, slow-building romance between Joey and Pacey reinvigorated the show. Their dynamic challenged the Dawson/Joey "soul mate" dogma that had relied too much on back story from the beginning, and the show built rooting value by showing us that these two belonged together way before they ever considered it. By the second episode to air in 2000, viewers knew for sure that Pacey was in love with Joey, making the anticipation level for the next 11 episodes almost unbearable. Suddenly, CREEK was can't-miss again, which is the whole point of serial drama. When Dawson learned the truth, the friendships at the show's foundation were forever altered.

At the outset of the new season, the show continued to focus on the ramifications of Joey's decision to be with Pacey. The fractured clique is slowly being repaired, while Pacey and Joey struggle to hold on to what they have. Even Jack and Jen, who had been flailing in their own half-explored plotlines, have been brought back into the fold, thanks to a departing Andie.

CREEK has always stood out because of its unparalleled cast of young actors and sharp dialogue. But to relive the glory days of Season One, they had to get back to matters of the heart.
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