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Impostors are among the most enduring and resilient soap opera characters. Months and years of good story can come from an impostor plot and a talented actor playing the fake. This year, LOVING had tha talented Randolph Mantooth portraying Alex Masters who, in turn, pretended to be Clay Alden. In an story modeled on teh classic film The Manchurian Candidate, the two men were brainwashed in a POW camp. When Clay thought he was dying, he asked Alex to impersonate him. The ruse worked. The Aldens welcomed him home. In fact, the Clay that Alex created was an improved version of the old model they remembered. Naturally, the authentically nasty Clay returned, bearing a grudge against Alex. Before long, the two men were battling over the same woman, Ava.

On THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, a discredited imposter decided to get even. First, we saw her as Angela Forrester, a microcephalic teen. Stephanie believed that Angela was her daughter. In fact, she was a runaway masquerading as Angela in hopes of inheriting some of the Forrester fortune. When the scheme failed, Angela exited in a fiery car crash. But, in an interesting plot twist, complete with the scariest makeup on soaps today, she's back on the scene, bald, burned and scarred, looking like Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger with a Ben Franklin haircut. Her motive is still revenge and she has a new fake indentity: Deveney Dickson. If she plays her cards right, she'll swipe some items from teh Forrester spring collection before zeroing in on Stephanie.
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