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It speaks volumes about the development of a couple when impeccable actors such as A Martinez (Roy) and Jensen Buchanan (Melissa) can't suck us in. But from the earliest inkling that their characters might be teamed up, it was difficult to be enthusiastic, mainly because both Roy and Melissa have remained so ill-defined. Melissa came to town seeking to make a life with the man responsible for dimeing out her brother. Roy, conflicted over his role in Leo's downfall, was involved in a romantic redux with long-ago love Bobbie. What transpired was muddled, as Bobbie was uncharacteristically made to throw over Roy to pave the way for romance for Roy and Melissa. But who were this duo and why should we care about them? Melissa, who appeared wily at first, is simply golden-hearted. Roy? He's just going along for the ride. If we are to become involved in their dance, at least set it to music.
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