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Dec 16 2009, 02:54 PM
ok, ya'll need to understand, I was one of the one who helped send that cake in question. I helped start the fan board that did it. We did not in any way shape or form take what Galen did in the same manor as we took what James Scott did. James Scott insulted us, it was very obvious that GG was playing around and Ali Sweeney even said that's what he was doing, so we took absolutely no offense to what GG did. GG has been absolutely sweet to Lumi fans, just as Bryan has been sweet to other fans as well. I know this bc I have witnessed it first hand. I have two autistic people in my house to take care of, so kindly start spreading the truth for a change instead of talking about something that some obviously know little about. I have more to do with my time then come in here and deal with absolute stupidity. The only problem people have with Galen Gering, is that he keeps Ejami apart. I love and adore Bryan, Lucas and Lumi. I am a die hard fan. But I also know when people are joikng and when they are serious. I know the gal who snapped the pic of James bad behavior and she just happened to be taking a picture at a fan event. It was someone else, not even a Lumi, who pointed out what James was doing. So kindly don't talk about Bryan, Lucas and Lumi fans as if we have no brains and we are stupid. We are very smart, educated people. We just like who we like and don't give a frig about the rest. So please get over this and move on to more not worthy topics. This whole thing just peeved me off and I came in to set the record straight. So make sure all the spies report everything accurately on twitter and other boards. Yes, I am a little aggravated but I have a right to be. This is stupid when I have more important things to be doing. None of you know the Lumi's, so please stop acting like you do. I am so over this Lumi/Ejami crap.
Who said anything bad about fans of Lumi in this thread? People have a right to think that things that happen at fan events can be blown out of proportion, added to, perceived differently, etc. It was said that ALL fan bases are capable of it; not just fans of Lucas/Sami. Coming here and calling people stupid is uncalled for. State your opinion and give your side of the story without insulting other posters.
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