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Dec 16 2009, 03:45 PM
Dec 16 2009, 03:35 PM

Ok then ... I admit, I am one that likes Phelanie, but I'm not excited about a wedding... whats the rush??
On a superficial note, my Bry Bry is lookin' good :D
I think/hope this wedding will be connected with Vivian finally discovering who the dreaded daughter is. They really did a great job developing the dynamics between everyone involved and I think Vivian will be the only one who will support Phillip in his crazy decision to marry Mel, only to discover the girl she wants to get rid off is Phillip´s beloved bride to be right on his wedding day. It could be very powerfull, especially if the Daniel/Chloe connection is revealed the same day.
I think that is exactly what is going to happen.

I'm also not convinced the wedding actually happens. I have a feeling something may happen to stop it.

The thing I would want is Vivian discovers Melanie is Carly's daughter right before the wedding (maybe Hope discovers it and lets it slip) and has Melanie taken right before the wedding. Philip thinks she betrayed him and loses it. In the meantime, Chloe discovers that Daniel is the father of Melanie with Carly as the mother. She gets upset. Perhaps Daniel learns this before and hides it from Chloe at Carly's request due to trying to protect Melanie. Chloe is upset with Daniel because of the lie and leaves. Maybe have her and Philip hit the bar and have sex while both are drunk. That would be kind of cool. Will it happen? No, although Vivian discovering Melanie as the daughter and doing something to her could very well happen.

I don't mind the rushed engagement or wedding. Both Philip and Melanie are impulsive. Philip is always rushing into things like this and Melanie doesn't always think before acting. I'm excited about this because it's a big event and people will be dressed up and together. Plus, it being in the Kiriakis Mansion means it will look quite nice.

I bet Vivian throws the wedding for Philip to get close to him. Victor is against Melanie and Kate doesn't like her. This is a way for Vivian to get close to Philip.
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