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Dec 16 2009, 04:37 PM
Dec 16 2009, 04:20 PM
But it's so stupid. There's no need for her to have more than one bridesmaid--or even one. They're getting married in a HOUSE. It isn't some elaborate cathedral wedding with 500 guests or even 100. I find it stupid enough that Melanie and Arianna are friends but at least Arianna I can buy. But there's no law that you have to have any specific number of bridesmaids, or any at all, so why pick someone you don't like and don't trust?
We donīt know if they get married in house (we donīt even know if they get married :D ), those could be just scenes from the pre or post wedding party. Nadia just posted few innocent pictures from the pause of a long taping day, we donīt how big the event really is and how many people are involved. If itīs a sweeps event connected with the Carly story I could see them go for something more fancy.
You can? Really? When was the last time Days did a big, elaborate wedding? The EJole wedding was a sweeps event that was built up as suspenseful because Nicole's secret might come out and/or Sami might stop the wedding and it was in teeny tiny St. Luke's with mostly extras. Granted EJ and Nicole have almost no friends and nobody likes the DiMeras, but the Kiriakii are in almost the same situation. Shawn and Belle were supercouple offspring and their wedding was small and in Bope's house. The Lumi wedding a few years back was a bigger affair but even then wasn't it in St. Luke's? And did Sami have any bridesmaids?

I just don't get why THIS wedding, if indeed it happens, would be any more lavishly staged than the string of cheap weddings we've had for years. Though with my luck it will be my secon-most hated "couple" on this show who gets an elaborate '80s style affair. I'll just prepare myself for the worst now.
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