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Dec 16 2009, 04:49 PM
Dec 16 2009, 04:37 PM
Dec 16 2009, 04:20 PM
But it's so stupid. There's no need for her to have more than one bridesmaid--or even one. They're getting married in a HOUSE. It isn't some elaborate cathedral wedding with 500 guests or even 100. I find it stupid enough that Melanie and Arianna are friends but at least Arianna I can buy. But there's no law that you have to have any specific number of bridesmaids, or any at all, so why pick someone you don't like and don't trust?
We donīt know if they get married in house (we donīt even know if they get married :D ), those could be just scenes from the pre or post wedding party. Nadia just posted few innocent pictures from the pause of a long taping day, we donīt how big the event really is and how many people are involved. If itīs a sweeps event connected with the Carly story I could see them go for something more fancy. As for Stephanie, thatīs the beauty of their dynamics. They may hate each other but they always play the nicey nicey card. I totally loved their scene from the hospital few weeks ago where Mel knew Steph is going after Nathan and Steph knew that Mel knew yet both pretended everything is perfect and had this little casual conversation about work and life. If Mel and Phillip get engaged Steph will be first to congratulate them and even assuring Mel Phillip is in her past and she would be very happy to help with the wedding.
I agree although I do think Paxton has a point on how grand this wedding will be. I don't think we will see some big, lavish affair but I do think we will see a bit more guests we know rather then extras, unlike the Ejole wedding, since the Kiriakis family is a bit more well-liked and Melanie has the Maggie and Brady (via Max) connections. Plus, the Brady's and Kiriakis' are intertwined so this sort of event should have more guests.
Thatīs what I thought. I could see them put out the church set again, except I cannot imagine Mel would want a church wedding. But maybe Phillip will convince her so everybody see he takes it serious. I just think if the wedding is a culmination of more stories (and I honestly donīt see any other reason why there would be wedding otherwise) they need some space to put all people in and we already have a lot of quest.

From Mel side there have to be atleast: Maggie, Mia, possibly Will (if Mia invites him), Stephanie, Nathan, Arianna, Brady
and from Phillip side: Lucas, Victor, Justin, Daniel, Chloe, Victor and possibly Vivian and/or Kate

Plus we have to have Carly, probably accompanied by Bo, lurking somewhere, because if Mel is her daughter she would want to be there, even unseen. Thatīs a lot of people and a lot of side scenes which have to be played somewhere.
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