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Really, now this is being blown out of porportion. All I did was come in and set the record straight about what happened so that folks have the facts. Some simply took it upon themselves to spread things that weren't true in regards to how the Lumi's felt about the cake. We were not upset by gesture at all. I think it was amusing and I helped plan to send the cake. It said Joy To The World, Lucas is back. GG was to funny with his gesture, which was very obviously in fun. GG has a sense of humor, that's all that says. I and several other Lumi's on here have stated we were not offended by GG's thumbs down bit. James Scott's behavior however was insulting and not an innocent act as some are portraying. Again, I know the person who took the pic, and it took someone who was indifferent to the whole thing to point it out.
Regardless, the whole thing in both cases is done and over with. Imho, it should be left that way. Just my thoughts on the subject.

The final words from one of the senders of the cake, we were not offended by GG's behavior, period. That's my take on the subject.
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