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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Dec 16 2009, 05:20 PM
Really, now this is being blown out of porportion. All I did was come in and set the record straight about what happened so that folks have the facts. Some simply took it upon themselves to spread things that weren't true in regards to how the Lumi's felt about the cake. We were not upset by gesture at all.
OK as the person who brought up the blessed cake, like what was it... two days ago?... I just want to reiterate that all I said and I feel is that *I* thought GG's thumbs down thing was obnoxious. I as in myself, not a Lumi fan or the sender of the cake obviously, and not looking at Alison Sweeney's Twitter picture on behalf of all EJami fans either. Just me. But nowhere in my post did I deign to speak for any particular Lumi fan or Lumi fans in general. If anyone got the perception that a single Lumi fan was upset about it, Ponz and aimees76 were right on the case to clear that up and make their feelings (as Lumi fans and speaking for other Lumi fans) known about both GG and JS. And then, aside from some back and forth after that, the issue was for the most part done.

At least I thought it was... until you showed up out of the blue calling everyone at this board stupid at the same time you're telling us how important you are that you have better things to do than post on this board? Not really surprising that some folks might find that sort of thing a rude way to inject yourself into a supposed issue that was over and done days ago.
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