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In this week's SOD, Leann Hunley discusses her surprise return, and Ken Corday makes a short statement on Days' ratings.

Hunley says she was "pleasantly surprised" to get the call from Days and that she "didn't really expect it". She says they asked her if she'd come back for a few days, "and then we'll see what happens". They told her that she was not allowed to tell anyone at all about it. She says that no one at the studio knew either, except the costume designer, who figured it out from the shoe size he was given.

As for why Anna has Sydney, Hunley says that Anna either does things for love or for money. "So, you offer either one of those and she's your girl. But she does have a heart and she does have feelings." SOD says that this week, Anna hears from Roman and Stefano, but as for her connection to Sydney, "We don't really know yet."

Regarding how long she'll be on Days, she says, "I honestly don't know... but I've been here a little longer than I expected."

SOD then has a short discussion on Days' ratings. Ken Corday says, "We have shown growth over the previous year." He continues that the ratings are up compared to a year ago, "And NBC says, 'Okay, fine, they're able to wipe the canvas clean, turn the hourglass over and in a way, remodel the show with a different production plan and be just as effective.'"

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