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We never had to be reminded why we loved Scotty - devilish rogue since the day we met him, hint of mischief in his eyes at all times. Portrayer Kin Shriner's kind of appeal just doesn't leave a fan's mind. But the notion of Scott's return to GH (from sister show PORT CHARLES), ultimately landing him right back in a position where we knew him well - romancing former wife Laura - has only endeared him to us more. Scott is more mellow these days. We don't expect to find him plotting to break up marriages or ruin lives, as he did in the good old days (i.e., the late '70s). But that hasn't made him any less formidable a character. Now, his agenda is about winning Laura the right way. That doesn't mean he won't spar with Luke or try to steer Laura away from Spencer. But what this does is create no wrong side to a Luke/Laura/Scott configuration. From what we see of this charmer, his angle has never been more right.
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