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It was a dark day in 1988 when super-popular Jesse was killed on ALL MY CHILDREN. Actor Darnell Williams briefly reprised the role in 1994, when Jesse's spirit appeared to Tad, but how far can you take a ghost story? As it turns out, as far as the imagination can go. You could say the late Jesse is in the travel business. He was assigned to ease Gillian's transition to the afterlife. Thanks to Williams's comedic prowess, the character's re-emergence proved heavenly. For old-timers, it's a treat to revisit Tad and Jesse's friendship, as well as the chemistry between Williams and Michael E. Knight (Tad). Newer viewers still get a kick out of the zaniness. Could you just scream when Jesse told Tad he'd been "touched by a homey"? AMC's forays into the supernatural this year were mostly clumsy, but with this tale, we could really get into the spirit.
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