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This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Molly Burnett.

Originally, Melanie and Philip were going to ignore Christmas and go on vacation. Burnett tells SOW this is "because of their messed-up families and upbringings. It's not like the happy Horton family."

However, Philip then changes his mind, and he decides to surprise Melanie. He puts a blindfold on her, and Burnett explains that when the blindfold comes off, "she's in this cute little inn and it's all decorated for Christmas." Burnett says this is "magical" for Melanie, since this is what she realliy wanted, and Philip somehow knew that.

Then Philip proposes, but Melanie is caught off guard. Burnett says, "Melanie's young, marriage is scary, and she is definitely not expecting this."

Melanie accepts the proposal after asking Philip if he's sure this is what he wants. He tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

The next day, Melanie has to go into work, so Philip goes to the Kiriakis house to tell everyone the news. However, at the hospital, Nathan sees Melanie's ring. Burnett tells SOD, "She misses Nathan, but she's so in love with Philip."

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