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Dec 17 2009, 12:22 AM
Dec 17 2009, 12:05 AM
Dec 16 2009, 11:53 PM
Dec 16 2009, 11:47 PM
I'm pretty sure the mantra at Days is, "If we say it often enough, eventually the audience will start to believe it."
Well it's not working.

I mean, I get what the writers are trying to do with this. They're trying to get all their ducks in a row for this big "umbrella" Carly story. Breaking up Bo and Hope... getting Carly's secret daughter hitched to the Kiriakis heir and the "son" of Vivian... etc. This story will involve half the town just like the baby switch. It's their next big tale. However, they should've started building this Phillip/Melanie romance months ago if they were planning to marry them in January. It's just too rushed.
Well, I think they realized that and regretted it, so unfortunately, Philip and Melanie are being thrown under the bus (in a sense) for the greater story of all the other parties involved...mainly, Vivian vs. Carly, Vivian vs. Kate, I'm sure Carly and Kate will start hating each other somewhere in there, too...
While I think it still works out, I do think it did not go the way it should have.

They took a bit too long to implode Melanie and Nathan. If they had done that around early November, it may have been better.

I do think it works based on both characters and who they are and such but, yes, it could've been done better. I don't expect this wedding until early February and I just feel like it won't even happen. I think the wedding is only happening as a backdrop to other things but we'll see.
Agreed. The timing is terrible. In fact, they probably could have skipped the majority of the Melanie/Nathan story. This would be acceptable if Melanie and Philip had been or were actually, currently, dating. But they aren't!

And I forgot to mention before, in addition to the Vivian vs. Carly, Kate hating Melanie, Vivian vs Kate there's also the drama with Carly having married Victor, and now Melanie almost marrying his son, Victor not liking Melanie....blah blah blah.

But again, it makes no sense to push Melanie's character into marriage. DAYS just doesn't know how to write for the late teens/early 20's set. At all. I mean, they had Belle/Philip/Shawn/Mimi desperate for kids...at 21?! Like, really? I just don't find it believable at all that Melanie is ready for friggen' marriage!

Unless...they're doing this to piss everyone off, which is acceptable, LoL (and don't really get married).

Or maybe it's a dream sequence!?

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