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Dec 17 2009, 12:27 AM
Watching Melanie and Philip make out is like watching 15 year old Melissa Gilbert make out with 25+ Dean Butler. Except in this case, the show isn't OBLIGATED to go through with it because there is no real life marriage to look back on. And before anyone tries to remind me, I'm aware technically Melanie is not underage, but for this Philip fan who wanted to watch JKJ dive into meatier, darker and certainly more MATURE roles, having him get married to a teenager pretty much kisses that dream goodbye.
Hey, Tripp! Good to see ya again.
I'm with you. Granted, I haven't watched the episodes for the past two days, but I had been harboring storylines for Philip that just haven't come true. I still wonder what JKJ thinks of all this.I know that's not supposed to mean anything, but....
Trying to wrap my lil ole brain around Melanie marrying ANYONE just hurts. This is enough to push me into be a Phloe fan! :D At least Chloe was the right age. Philip might be immature, but it just doesn't make sense that he IS, based on the character's past experiences.
I'm still mad they didn't connect with the JKJ-MM chemistry that it seemed a lot of people on the boards I frequented saw. But again, I never get my way where Days is concerned or Philip and Belle would have stayed together a LONG time ago! :D And ShawnD would have forgiven Mimi a long time ago. :P
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